Bodh Gaya is situated in Gaya District in the Indian state of Bihar. Bodhgaya is a religious site and the most important Buddhist pilgrimage in the world associated with the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. It is famous for being the place where Gautama Buddha is said to have obtained Enlightenment. In the year 2002, Mahabodhi Temple became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main tourist attraction of the Bodhgaya is Bodhi Tree which is adjacent to the Mahabodhi Temple under which Prince Siddhartha Gautama is said to have attained Enlightenment 2,500 years ago. Some other attractions are Vajrasana, Chankaramana, Arimeshlochana, Ratnagar, Archaeological Museum, the Mohanta's Monastery, Tibetan Mahayana Monastery etc.

General Information
Temperature: Summer: 47-28C and Winter: 28-04 C 
Season: October to March 
Clothing: Light cotton in summer and light woollens in winter 
Languages spoken: Hindi, Bhojpuri and English
STD Code: 0631
How to Reach
Air: Patna is the nearest airport connected by flights from major cities of India.
Rail: The nearest Railway station is Gaya (16 kms.) a major railway junction connecting several important cities in India.
Road: Bodhgaya is connected by road to Gaya 16 (kms.) located on Grand Trunk Road.