The beautiful city of Bijapur is located in Karnataka, South India. The foundations of this historic city were laid during the reign of the Chalukyan Dynasty in the 11th Century. Bijapur is famous for its historical monuments of architectural importance. These monuments were built during the rule of Adil Shah Dynasty. These monuments include mosques, mausoleums, palaces, fortifications, watchtowers, and strong gateways, with the massive Gol Gumbaz, the world’s second largest dome, dominating the landscape for miles around. The main attractions of this historical city are Gol Gumbaz, one of the largest domes in the world, Ibrahim Rauza, an architectural marvel, Jumma Masjid, the largest mosque in the area, Malik-e-Maidan, the largest medieval cannon in the world.

General Information
State: Karnataka
Altitude: 770 m (2,530 ft)
Clothing : Summer- Cotton and Winter- Cotton
Temperature: Summer:41-28 C and Winter: 30-16 C
Languages: Kannada, English and Hindi 
STD Code: 08352
Best time to visit: October to Marh is the best time to visit Bijapur.
How to reach :
Air: Kolhapur (175 km) and Belgaum (203 km) are the nearest airports connected by flights to major cities.
Rail: Bijapur is well connected by rail with major cities in India.
Road: Bijapur is well-connected by good motorable roads with important cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aihole etc.